Dr. Rafael Rivera Jr., DDS

Smile Starters

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I'm a general dentist who utilizes my multifaceted training experience to operate a multi-location group practice committed to caring for underprivileged children and young adults. I'm the second of four children born to low-middle class parents who divorced when I was young. I was raised to believe in self reliance and the value of hard work. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and I do not believe in "keeping up with the Jones'." I'm my own worst critic yet I believe we should try to find joy in everything we do. When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family exploring a variety of interests. Any precious solo time usually leads to sawdust, sparks, or rather poor but loud electric guitar playing. I'm pretty handy on a tractor, I don't play golf and I have a tendency to personally eschew social media.