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    Good Afternoon to all I have been using Kelderhouse Dental Lab in Durham aka Durham Dental solutions for years and have always found their work to be of the highest standard and all made in the USA Dr Gregg L Howarth, DMD ------Original Message------ ...

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    Dear friends,      Is your father from India? Do you visit family in Brazil every summer? Did you grow up in Ghana? Have you studied dentistry in Italy? Do you have your great grandmother's amazing kimchi recipe? If so, we need you! We would love for ...

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    Hello, I've used Smith-Sterling and Dental Designs Lab.  Dental Designs is located in Cary, but I'm pretty sure he services dentists all across NC.  Here's the owner, Greg Walton's, number: 919-522-9798.  Good luck! ------------------------------ Ajamu ...

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